Disney release new extended trailer for Descendants

Disney Descendants posterBack in June 2014 it was reported that Disney would be creating their original movie Descendants based off the children of our favourite princes, princesses and of course everyone’s favourite villains. December 2014 saw the first very limited teaser trailer for the new production. Now, six months on and we can now reveal the full trailer of the Disney Channel movie that will be gracing screens in the USA on 31st July.

Showing scenes from the movie itself, we are introduced to 101 Dalmatians Cruella de Vil and her animal loathing son Carlos, Aladdin’s villainous male role model Jafar and his son Jay, Snow White’s legendary Evil Queen with her daughter Evie, and Sleeping Beauty’s Maleficent and her equally evil daughter Mal.

At first glance it’s easy to see that the cast have taken their roles to new lengths – with actors such as Dan Payne (Supernatural, The Cabin in the Woods) , Kathy Najimy (Sister Act, Hocus Pocus), Maz Jobrani (13 Going on 30, The Interpreter) and Kristin Chenoweth (Wicked, Bewitched).

Visually the trailer seems to be extremely bright and very cartoonish with its familiar set designs, replicating the same feel the original Disney movies produced. Comedy with an undertone of pathos with the background stories of their parents seems to be the basis for the movie, but the growth of the villains children into the “real” world of Disney also appears to be a key point, hitting hard at the whole “everyone can change” saying which runs throughout most of Disney’s animated classics.

Check out the trailer below.

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