Four DVDs/Blu-rays to help chase away the post con blues

With MCM London Comic Con now behind us, post con blues are likely setting in for some, so we here at MCM Buzz decided to have a look at a few DVD’s and Blu-rays that could help get you past those post con doldrums. We start with:

Bleach-series15_PART1Bleach Series 15 Part 1:

This latest release of the long running anime series is the start of a new arc and not only does it deal with some of the fall out from the end of the last arc, but also introduces a new enemy from within the Soul Society for our heroes to deal with.

The early part of this arc also features quite a bit of action and screen time once again for everyone’s favourite perverted stuffed anime bear, Kon (voiced by MCM Birmingham guest Quinton Flynn). As usual, the set is only on DVD and is spread across several discs. The transfer quality is therefore what you would expect, and whilst not as crisp as Blu-ray, it is certainly not a reason to forgo the set.

Bleach Series 15 part one is available now on DVD from Manga Entertainment and with a runtime of over 300 minutes it certainly would give anime fans something to help chase those blues away.


JerryLawlerStoryBlurayIt’s Good To Be The King – The Jerry Lawler Story:

For years he has been a companion to many on Monday Nights as part of WWE Monday Night Raw, so much so when he suffered a heart attack live on air. Fans the world over sent him an outpouring of support usually reserved to fallen heroes. But that was just part of a life and a career that has spanned decades and seen this man from Memphis rise from being a man to a local hero to the wrestling legend we know as Jerry “The King” Lawler.

Thanks in part to a candid interview from the man himself (a trend that the WWE has been employing in a lot of its releases as of late and once again it is used here to great effect), this documentary gives viewers a rare and indepth look at this legend.

Couple this with a whole host of classic footage from both his WWE reign, but also footage from his years in the Memphis territory that he helped make famous, and you have a wealth of wrestling history to entertain you. Wrestling fans can also take delight in the hours of exclusive Blu-ray extras that help add even more to this already impressive set.

It’s Good To Be The King – The Jerry Lawler Story is available on DVD and Blu-ray and can be bought here starting from £19.99. Whether you are new to WWE or a lifelong fan, this set is one that will be both entertaining and informative. But most of all, money well spent.

SupernaturalSeason9Supernatural: The Complete Ninth Season

Our penultimate title on the list sees the return of the Winchester Bros. to Blu-ray and DVD. Whilst it is not out until 8th June, just the thought of its impending release is enough to fuel fan excitement.

This season sees the brothers deal with the fallout from season eight, which in a devious move by scribe of god Metatron saw all of the Angels cast from Heaven and one of the brothers at death’s door. As this season opens we find our heroes faced with life and death situations (literally) and as the season progresses in true show style, the situation gets more and more complicated. Throughout the season the boys are joined by a whole range of guest stars, including recent MCM London Comic Con guest, Felicia Day.

In this set fans not only get the season’s 23 episodes, but a host of extras too, including a gag reel, commentaries, a panel from San Diego Comic-Con and a ton of featurettes entitled Men of Letters that deal with a variety of this season’s key story points of the same name, tracking its history with the Winchester family. For an added bonus those who purchase the set on Blu-ray also get the full season in Digital HD, so they can watch the full season on the go.

With a running time over 1,000 minutes spread across multiple discs on both sets, there is more than enough to keep a fan busy and help to chase away those post-con blues when it is released on Monday 8th June.

WRESTLEMANIA31 DVDjpgWWE Wrestlemania 31

Our final entry in this blues beating list is the DVD and Blu-ray release of this year’s and the 31st edition of the WWE’s annual sports entertainment spectacular, Wrestlemania 31. The event took place in Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara and includes the first in-ring appearance of The Undertaker since his loss to Brock Lesnar last year and WCW Legend Sting’s first ever WWE match and Wrestlemania appearance. But these were only two of the many great matches that made up this event’s card. Others include a ladder match for the WWE Intercontinental Title, the 2nd Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royale and a match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

The matches may be a mixed bag, with some slightly better than others, but it is worth noting that they are all of higher quality than you would normally see due to the fact that it is Wrestlemania. There is also the spectacle of the event itself that sees the stars typical ring entrances replaced with ones involving everything from a Russian tank (yes, tank), to a group of Terminators and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Packaged with the set are extras that include the full WWE 2015 Hall of Fame ceremony, which itself runs for over two hours! Altogether this set runs for over five hours and helps give you a Wrestlemania moment in your own home. Speaking of the content, it is, as with all recent WWE releases, presented in the best quality available dependant on your format. However, should you have a Blu-ray player it is worth paying that little bit extra to experience the difference that the format brings.

WWE Wrestlemania 31 is available now on for £19.99 on DVD and £22.99 on Blu-ray here.

Well there you have it, four releases that should help you chase away those post-con blues through the good old method of helping to indulge the fan in you.

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