Magazine offers new photo of Batman v Superman Batmobile and more

Batmobile Dawn of Justice

As the months tick by and we get ever closer to the 2016 release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, information about the sure to be movie juggernaut continues to trickle out via a variety of sources. The latest revelation was an image of the movie’s brand new Batmobile appearing in the June Issue of License! Global magazine.

The image not only features on the magazine’s cover but also appears on page 100, showing us a front view of as badass a vehicle as any the Dark Knight has driven. The practical, rather than cartoon-like, design demonstrates a more mature approach, reflecting the older version of Batman we are going to see in the film.

Also featured in the photo are Brad Globe (Head of Warner. Bros Consumer Products) and Karen McTier (Exective VP of Warner. Bros Consumer Products) posing with the vehicle, as the article that accompanies the image is about the plans for new consumer products themed around the movie and other DC properties.

Among the more interesting things the articles reveals are:

-Warners Bros. is making a commitment to a variety of what it terms its “recognisable” superheroes over the next five years.

-This commitment includes a Justice League movie, seven TV shows, various shorts and games that cover all demographics.

-The article also mentions that the company will be working on products around the Harry Potter universe’s Fantastic Beasts trilogy, as well as their Scooby Doo and Looney Tunes brands.


With over 3,700 people actively licensing brands from the company, it is no wonder that WBCP made over $6 billion in 2014, and from the looks of their plans so far, this figure is only set to increase in the forthcoming year.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is released in cinemas in 2016. For more information direct from the latest issue of License! Global magazine visit their website here.

Source: License! Global Magazine June 2015.

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