Executive Producers Reveal Humans Season 2 Teasers

The executive producers for Channel 4’s hit sci-fi series Humans, Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley, have revealed a few teasers about how the show will develop in season two to TVLine.com. And if you’ve seen season two of the Swedish original, don’t rely on that for clues.


“It’ll be a further departure,” says Vincent. “That’s not really a deliberate choice to look at the second season and say, ‘We’re going to do something really different.’ It’s very much a reflection of the organic process of adapting something. If you watch our first episode, you’ll see many, many similar things to the first episode of the original, but then you make one or two little changes and in the process, those changes magnify… What we definitely will do is steal every great thing we can from the original [laughs] but I think for season two, we’ll be looking at the original more as a treasure chest than a blueprint. We can just cherry-pick everything that works for us.”

Going into more specifics Vincent reveals, “One of the ways we’re going to approach it is to move the world on a little bit. I’m not talking jumping ahead years or anything, just a few months. But what I mean is the synths in society: we’re going to the next level. They’ve gone a bit deeper. They’ve moved into new areas of employment. They’ve moved into new areas of our personal lives… You’re not coming back to a status-quo society. Things are developing fast, as technology does in all areas. There’s lots of new, society-wide effects which we’re going to tell stories in.”

That doesn’t mean we won’t be seeing the Hawkins family, though: “They’re one of the key changes in thinking about season two. Saying, ‘Well, it’s kind of easier to write the high-stakes thriller story of these incredibly advanced and curious machines that people want to get their hands on and people are fighting over and lives are risked.’ It’s quite easy to see where the drama comes from there. The big challenge for us is to create stories that bring the Hawkins family back into it. We can tell those ground-level, domestic, really emotional stories that we did in season one but we can also tie them into the bigger story and the jeopardy-filled aspects of the plot… If we can do that, that’s very satisfying: to see these very ordinary human beings with these very extraordinary machines. We think we’ve cracked a couple of good ways to really tie them back into the big story.”

The Swedish show brought its version of the Dr. Millican character (played by William Hurt in the UK version) back in season two… sort of. He made an appearance as a grief-bot. Brackley sounds less sure that they’ll replicate that in the UK show (though you have to wonder if that’s more about the cost of getting Hurt back for what would be a glofified cameo). “Tonally, there is a question of whether that would work in the tone of our show, which is a bit different from the Swedish one,” argues Brackley. “It’s questionable whether William Hurt arriving in a box at the door would be right for the tone of our show. It was for theirs; it was great. It was a bit creepy, it was funny, it was fantastic and weird. We’re not ruling anything out at this stage and that’s all I can say on that at the moment.”

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