Syfy Cancels Haven

After five seasons, the very unique form of craziness that is Haven is coming to and end. The second half of season five – another 13 episodes – is still to air, but once they’ve been shown, that’s it. Syfy is pulling the plug. No news yet on whether that means the show will have a final episode that wraps everything up.


The show is loosely based on Stephen King’s The Colorado Kid in the same way The Life Of Brian is loosely based on the Bible. It started off like Smallville without Superman, with its central team of investigators –  Audrey Parker (Emily Rose) and Nathan Wournos (Lucas Bryant) – trying to work out who in town had this week’s out-of-control freaky ability. The afflicted were known as “troubled” which was always one of the sweetest euphemisms on TV.

The first season was cheesy as hell but the show had a major secret weapon – a brilliant cast. As well as Bryant and Rose, Eric Balfour was always excellent as the rogue Duke Crocker. They gelled magnificently and made you believe that the silliness that surrounded them actually mattered.

Then the writers discovered that arc plots were more fun than freaks of the week and Haven became a bizarre time travel tale with a mystical barn. So a show most critics dismissed as “most likely for cancellation” stayed the course for five years. But the arc plot was getting so convoluted maybe it’s a good time to say goodbye. Possibly, even, the decision was a joint one between the show’s makers and the network.

Ironically, viewing figures for season 5A were actually a slight improvement, but with Syfy seemingly hellbent on a new course into hard sci-fi and space opera, Haven was a quirky leftover from a previous era. But we’ll remember it fondly. And its stars were always great fun at MCM cons.

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