6 New Things You Need To Know About The Flash Season 2

Thanks to a new interview with The Flash exec producer Gabrielle Stanton on Collider, we have loads of new nuggets of information about season two. And here it all is in handy bite-sized form:


1 Jay Garrick – the Golden Age Flash – is being introduced as a mentor figure for Barry: “Jay has seen some things that Barry hasn’t seen, and he’s going to be helping him through the process,” says Stanton.

2 Barry is going to have to make some terrible decisions that he has to live with for a long while. “He’s going to struggle with those. He’s going to think about, ‘Can I live with myself, having to make those decisions, and still do what I do?’ That’s something he’s going to be struggling with, for the first half of the season. Some of it is learning how to be okay with his past decisions, some of it is learning how to make better decisions, in the future, and some of it is about how he can let people help him make decisions.”

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3 Joe has a new job. “When we open up the season, the Flash and meta-humans – and the idea that there’s other stuff out there – is going to be a lot more in the zeitgeist. Joe is going to be working on the meta-human task force at the police station, so when a call comes in, if it’s a bank robber with wings and horns and he’s shooting fire, than they’ll probably send Joe.”


The tease for Killer Frost in the season one finale

4 Despite the tease last season, don’t expect Caitlin Snow to turn into the villain Killer Frost any time soon. “It’s going to be a slower burn on that. That was just to keep people guessing. Who knows when Killer Frost is going to turn up? We try to drop little Easter eggs. What I really like about The Flash is that I am a comic book fan, so I know a lot of this stuff, but my husband is not a comic book fan at all, and he still gets everything.”

5 The writers don’t want to reveal too much about how Wally West (yet another version of the Flash, as well as Kid Flash, in the comics) is going to be utilised in the series. “”We want to stay respectful and totally satisfy what the fans want out of this. But on the other hand, we also need to change the character, twist things and put our own spin on it, so that it’s not exactly what everyone expects.”

6 Cisco will embark on an emotional journey after the big Reverse Flash reveal. “Wells was like a father to him and it was pretty devastating, losing him, and it was pretty devastating when he tried to kill him. So, he’s definitely going on a journey, this season.”

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