Syfy Renews Dark Matter & Killjoys; Future Of Defiance Still Unclear

The US Syfy channel has renewed its two new space operas, Dark Matter and Killjoys for second seasons. The future of Defiance, though, is still unclear, despite its (utterly brilliant) season three finale feeling very much like a last ever episode (don’t worry – no spoilers ahead).


Dark Matters, which airs in the UK on our Syfy channel, is showrun by former Stargate stalwarts  Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie, adapted from their own comic (which was based on a TV series idea that was turned down). It features an amnesiac crew on a ship discovering they all have dark secrets in their forgotten pasts. It was achieving average viewing figures of 1.8 million weekly. Killjoys, an intergalactic romp about a trio of bounty hunters, averaged 1.5 million weekly viewers.

Dark Matters has been renewed for 13 episodes, Killjoys just 10. Killjoys currently has no UK broadcaster.


Defiance, though… well, it’s odd to hear that it may still survive since, from the final episode of season three, it certainly looks like the production team thought that was end. We’re not saying if it’s a happy ending or a sad ending (it still has to air in the UK on Syfy in a couple of weeks time… and you MUST watch it!) but it was definitely an ending. The kind that you can’t help might think would be cheapened if the series went on. Sure we’d like to see more Yewll and Stahma and Irisa, but not if it means some frantic retconning (those name were chosen at random – read nothing into them…)



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