JJ Abrams Enthuses About Classic Star Wars Actors’ Performances In The Force Awakens

The returning stars from the original Star Wars may be a little older, says director JJ Abrams, but age has not withered them, and you’ll be left in no doubt that they’re still playing the same iconic character we all know and love in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. They slipped back into their roles with amazing ease, he promises in an interview with Associated Press.


“What was incredible from my point of view,” says Abrams, “was how apparently easily they flipped back into these roles. I knew for a fact, for example, that Harrison Ford was going to be in this movie, but I couldn’t be certain that Han Solo would be. Meaning, I hadn’t seen Han Solo return after nearly 40 years, either. And it wasn’t until we got on set that I got my answer. It was a remarkable thing to see how effortlessly Harrison Ford became Han Solo again.”

He was careful, though, not to let nostalgia overshadow the project. “That was a constant in the production of the movie: moments where we would all look around and realise what we were doing and gasp a little bit and then dive back in. When you’re on the set of the Millennium Falcon or staring into the eyes of C3PO giving direction, it’s pretty easy to have that fanatic part of you bubble up. But our job was to be there to tell this story, not to be a fanboy.

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