Arrow’s Karl Yune & Katrina Law MCM Ireland Panel Highlights


The biggest revelation when Arrow actors Karl Yune (Oliver Queen’s mentor Maseo Yamashiro in season three) and Katrina Law (Nyssa – daughter of Ra’s – al Ghul ) took to the stage at MCM Ireland concerned a potential crush on a certain Marvel agent.

“I’d love to go on Agent Carter,” said Law when asked which Marvel show she’d like her character to guest star on. “I think these two pretty tough female characters teaming up would be fun. A lot of fun. Agent Carter is pretty smart and resourceful so I think Nyssa would also have a little bit of a crush on her.” Now that’s a crossover we’d definitely like to see. Yune, by the way, answered, “Daredevil – I like vigilantes,” with a steeliness to his voice that was almost unnerving.

During a fascinating and wide-ranging panel in front of an audience seemingl obsessed with crossovers, the pair attempted Irish accents (Law’s received a round of applause, Yune’s received bemused expressions), revealed which superheroes they’s like to play and never quite gave a satisfactory answer to the question, “What’s the hat all about?”

Will Nyssa crossover into Legends Of Tomorrow?

Katrina: “I know for a fact that Nyssa will be back in season four. Whether or not she makes the crossover into Legends Of Tomorrow… I guess it kind of depends on how it works out between her and Sarah. We shall see.”

It is as pleasurable to work with Stephen Amell as it is to watch him on TV?

Katrina: “With or without his shirt on?”

Karl: “Yeah, you know I had some pretty intense scenes with him. He tries to keep it very light and fun when those times come. So yeah, for me it was pleasurable.”

Katrina: “I had a great time – it was actually a scene Karl and I had together – during the season three mid-season finale with Oliver Queen and my father fighting up on a mountaintop. It was snowing. For the most part Karl and I just had to kind of stand there. But it was lovely watching these two men fighting for, like, 12 hours in the snow. It was a good day for me.”

Did you watch Stephen Amell’s WWE fight and what did you make of his performance?

Karl: “I saw Stephen tackle somebody and yeah that’s full-on Stephen. He can really put it down. I thought he was good.”

Katrina: “Yeah. For anybody who has any doubts or any questions as to whether or not Stephen could do his own stunts, I feel like he proved it right there. And he even got a seal of approval from Triple H, who is one of the longest-running wrestlers at this point, so to get that’s an accomplishment.”


Even though he’s dead will Ra’s Al Ghul be back?

Katrina: “Weeellllll… I’m afraid I really don’t know. You don’t know, though. Is anybody really ever dead in a comic? Even when they’re dead dead? Because there’s really dead dead dead dead dead dead and they manage to come back.”

Karl: “But the title will live on. Just with different people.”

What’s with the hat?

Karl: “It’s the Demon’s Head. That’s how desperately she wants to be the Demon’s Head, the leader of the League Of Assassins.”

Is there anybody else on the show you particularly liked working with, present company excepted?

Katrina: “Nice save. I think professional-wise Katie Cassidy [Laurel Lance] is one of my favourites. She is so very talented, absolutely stunning and she knows all her lines, she’s done her homework. A lot of times an actor will just show up and feel out a scene. It’s a perfectly legit way of doing things but it takes more time. And I think she and I have a really good chemistry.

“Just in general – John Barrowman. He’s just so much fun. He’s constantly geeking off and doing something inappropriate. He makes the day go by quicker.”

What were your favourite episodes as actors from season three?

Karl: “There was one with an explosion when they blew up the Alpha-Omega. That was a real explosion that shot up like ten storeys in the air. So that was exciting. The fight in the mid-season finale, that was exciting to see. Matt Nable (Ra’s Al Ghul) and Stephen fighting almost naked in the snow, while we’re all toasty and warm with our hot packs.”

Katrina: “It was glorious! I think acting-wise, my favourite episode was probably my very first episode where my character was introduced. I really enjoyed working with Caity Lotz and Wendey Stanzler, who was the director on that episode, was so beautiful. Because what I had auditioned with and what the character was on the page and the what ended up becoming the actual screen version of Nyssa were three completely separate things. So it was really wonderful to have two strong females helping guide me as an actor to find the character.”

What DC superhero would you like play? 

Karl: “It’s Batman always for me.’

Katrina: “I think it would be fun to play Wonder Woman. But I think I could be Superman. I just want to put that out there.”

Katrina, what was Andy Whitfield like to act with on Spartacus Blood And Sand?

Andy-Whitfield-Spartacus-Blood-and-Sand copyKatrina: “Andy, for those of you who don’t know, sadly died from non-Hodgkin lymphoma. That first season to me was magic in a bottle. I think we captured something just so magical and beautiful. A lot of it was down to Andy. He was just so gentle, and quiet and kind. Everything about him was just softness. He was such a juxtaposition to the role. He had a great wife and two beautiful children. He was just a very well-rounded, grounded man.

“As then an actor he was beautiful too. He was so giving. When I walked onto the set they were already several months into the process and people had already made their friends and found their little niches and people to hang out with. And he was so welcoming.

“Due to the nature of the show – which young people should not be watching – there were some very intimate scenes that we had to do. So I’m going, ‘Hi, my name’s Katrina. Let’s do this.’ It is a bizarre situation to be put into. And he just made me feel so safe.

“When he was diagnosed with cancer, eventually he knew he could no longer go on with the show. But New Zealand – where we shot – has a very small population. He knew that if the show didn’t continue on a lot of people wold have lost their jobs. So he basically came onto set and said, ‘I want you to go on with the show. I give you my blessing to do it.’

“And it was difficult. The beautiful thing was that Liam McIntyre – who ended up replacing Andy – was again one of the kindest, gentlest people that you could have hoped to fill in those shoes. He had an impossible job.

“So a very tragic, tragic, very bittersweet experience. I think we all came out better people because of it.”


Were there any action scenes that were particularly gruelling? 

Katrina: “I think mine was… was it the season finale? I’m getting lost. You know, when we’re on that cargo plane, and they actually built the plane on hydraulics. So the entire time it was actually, like, moving. I was supposed to look totally awesome and complete bad-ass but I couldn’t stop falling over and running into Stephen or my dad. Plus I’m trying to do the fight scene with five or six guys. They’re all coming towards me and the hydraulics are going and the crew was saying, ‘We’re going to throw the sword at you and you need to catch it.’ And I cannot catch to save my life. So that took about 20 takes before I actually got it.”

Do you wish your characters had superpowers?

Katrina: “Isn’t the thing about Arrow that he doesn’t have superpowers so he always has to outsmart people? Although I think it would be funny if he was somehow instilled with a superpower one day and didn’t know what to do with it and was out of control.”

What did you make of the story in the news that a school in America had banned a little girl’s Wonder Woman lunchbox because it promoted violence?

Karl: “Stupid principal.”

With so much action on the show, does anyone ever get injured?

Karl: “Yeah, absolutely. People get injuries all the time. I have a tendency to want to feel the impact – feel the ground hit – because it helps me as an actor to get into the moment. But you have to be careful.”

Could you see Supergirl crossing over into Arrow?

Katrina: “I’m so excited about Supergirl it’s ridiculous. On a personal level I would have loved to have had a strong female superhero to look up to as a child, who wasn’t playing second fiddle to a man. Doing her own thing. So I’m excited that there’s a new generation of young girls who’ll have this powerful female figure to look up to. I would love to see her crossover – it would be so much fun.”

What are the most fun scenes to film?

Karl: “Any time we’re shooting automatic weapons I’m having fun.”

Katrina: “I’m sticking to the two men fighting naked on a mountaintop.”

• All photos by ClaireCourtney

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