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Skellig Michael

Skellig Michael

••• Star Wars will return to the Irish island of Skellig Michael. The Irish government has announced  that permission has been granted for Lucasfilm to return to the historical location provided no damage comes to the island’s ecology or bird life. The agreement, initially reported by RTE, will allow Rian Johnson’s Star Wars: Episode VIII to follow Star Wars: The Force Awakens in using the location. So it would seem to be a location with an ongoing importance in the franchise. [via The Hollywood Reporter]

••• Frank Whaley (Under the Dome) has joined the cast of the Marvel Netflix series Luke Cage as Detective Rafael Scarfe. “Rafe” Scarfe (a Lieutenant in the comics) made his first appearance in 1975’s “Marvel Premiere” #23. He was the former NYPD partner of Misty Knight. [via Deadline]

••• On the subject of Marvel’s Netflix sub-universe, Jessica Jones star Krysten Ritter has revealed that she has filmed multiple sex scenes with Luke Cage actor Mike Colter. “At the end of the day, I also knew Mike had my back,” Ritter says on the This Week In Marvel podcast. “Whether we were doing stunts together, or love-making scenes, which I’m not very comfortable with.” [via]

••• A remake of  Cabin Fever is on the way. It will be directed by Travis Z and distributed in North America by IFC Midnight with a release some time next year. The original’s director, Eli Roth, is executive producing and it stars Gage Golightly (Teen Wolf), Dustin Ingram (Paranormal Activity 3) and Samuel Davis (From Dusk Till Dawn). “Travis had an amazing vision for my original script, and as a scary movie fan I really wanted to see it,” says Roth. “I almost see this like re-staging a play, and I’m excited to see what ideas Travis and the cast bring to it.”  [via Coming Soon]

••• Three actors playing Alexandria characters have been promoted to series regular status for season six of The Walking Dead: Tovah Feldshuh (Deanna Monroe – the leader in Alexandria), Alexandra Breckenridge (Jessie Anderson – Rick’s potential love interest) and Austin Nichols (Spencer Monroe – her son). There’s also some new promo art.



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