Dear God It’s The Supernatural Season 11 Trailer

“This is my fault… and I don’t know how to fix it,” Sam Winchester pleads in the new trailer for Supernatural season 11, apparently turning to the Big G for help. Could it be that the pre-Biblical menace we’re told the Winchester have to face this year, The Darkness (“Terrible name, by the way,” says Cowley) is so huge only a genuine deity could hold the solution?

“This year, we have more of an epic feel with a big bad, and a quest for the brothers to unite on,” executive producer Jeremy Carver said at Comic-Con [via The Hollywood Reporter]. “I think it’s a special big bad we have this year. It’s a pre-biblical story that’s never been told. I think it’s going to be a fun, epic feel. And most importantly, I think the brothers are going to be united in their need to take this thing down.”

Of course, fans gave been debating since season five whether the Winchesters may have already met God in the form of Chuck Shurley, a mysterious author who wrote “Supernatural” novels which seem to predict and maybe even shape the adventures of the the brothers. On the other hand, if the threat is pre-Biblical, what use is God gonna be?

Supernatural returns to US TV on 7 October. We have yet to see season 1o in the UK.

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