How Will Harrison Wells Return To The Flash Season 2?


Dead is never dead in the comic book world, so few were surprised when – after Dr Harrison Wells (or what was left of Harrison Wells after Eobard Thawne hijacked his identity) copped it at the end of The Flash season one – actor Tom Cavanagh, who played Wells, was confirmed as a regular for season two.

But how will he be returning? He can hardly be Zoom. That makes no sense (especially with Tony Todd having been confirmed as the voice of Zoom).

Now The Flash executive producer Gabrielle Stanton has offered a clue (an obvious one, then you think about it) to TVLine.

“Harrison Wells will be back, but he’s going to be a very different Harrison Wells than we’ve seen before… We’ve got other worlds. We’ve got other timelines. All I’m going to say is he’s from one of those places.”

Ah, those handy old multiple words. You’ve gotta love ’em. Especially if you’re an agent for an actor whose character’s been killed off.

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