BUZZ News Shorts: Game Of Thrones, Star Wars, Ready Player One, Evolution

••• Watchers On The Wall, via Vanity Fair, is reporting that Essie Davis (The Babadook) has been cast in the next season of Game Of Thrones as… Cersei Lannister. Er, hang on… what? Well, okay, she’ll be playing an actress in a touring drama troupe playing a character based on Cersei Lannister. All very Hamlet. Someone trying the capture the conscience of the Queen? Or just taking the piss out of her after her shaming last season? This does tie in with preview chapters released from the next novel  in the A Song Of Ice And Fire series, The Winds Of Winter, which feature a troupe of actors performing a play called The Bloody Hand. Vanity Fair also reckons that the Richard E Grant will be playing is the leading of the troupe, who “specialises in portraying drunken aristocrats.” Sounds about right. (Oh, and don’t forget to check out Zombie George RR Martin).

••• Arnie’s son Patrick Schwarzenegger has nabbed himself a role in the US TV anthology horror series Scream Queens, co-created by American Horror Story’s Ryan Murphy. [via Deadline]

••• Steven Spielberg has cast Me and Earl and the Dying Girl’s Olivia Cooke as Art3mis in his upcoming computer games-themed Ready Player One. [via Coming Soon]

••• SPOILER ALERT if you like spotting Easter eggs for yourself. Apparently in Ridley Scott’s The Martian, in a scene involving a big, important meeting at which Sean (Boromir) Bean’s character is present, a secret project is given the code name: Elrond. As in the Council of Elrond from The Lord Of The Rings. Cute. [via Blastr]

••• FILE UNDER RUMOUR: has reignited the rumour that there will be a tease for Star Wars: Rogue One at the end of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

••• Fancy a bit or arty-Euro weirdness? Well here you go. An enigmatic teaser for Evolution, from French director Lucile Hadžihalilovic, previously best known for the acclaimed Innocence. The official synopsis just makes things all the creepier: “Nicolas, a 10-year-old boy, lives with his mother in a village on a remote island inhabited solely by women and young boys. In a hospital overlooking the ocean, all the boys are subjected to a mysterious medical treatment. Only Nicolas questions what is happening around him. He senses that his mother is lying to him, and is determined to find out what she does with the other women at night, on the beach. What he discovers is the beginning of a nightmare into which he is helplessly drawn.” There’s no official UK release date yet, but it looks like it’s destined for lots of praise on the film festival circuit.



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