Japanese Airline Launches Star Wars Jet

Okay, let’s get the obvious gag out of the way. Japanese airline All Nippon Airways has unveiled the first of a series of jets in Star Wars livery. But can it do the Kessel run in less 12 parsecs? Ba-doom tish. Actually, it’s been painted in R2-D2 designs so we should have really used an X-wing-related gag, but we couldn’t think of way of inserting, “I can’t – it’s too big,” without sounding smutty.


According to Comic Book Resources, the plane will make its first run between Haneda and Vancouver on 18 October before starting its regular route between Narita and San Jose from mid-October to late November, after which it will make international flights to Sydney, Paris, Seattle and several other cities.

All Nippon Airways will follow this with a Boeing 767-300 with a plane featuring R2-D2 on one side and BB-8 on the other, followed in the spring by a Boeing 777-300 with just BB-8 on it.


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