2 New Gotham Season 2 Trailers: Bad Can Be Beautiful

First up, a very arty new trailer for Gotham season two – which will be detailing “The Rise Of The Villain”. This one features close-ups of a statue of the villains and almost seems like the dark flipside of the closing credits of Avengers: Age Of Ultron or that Justice frieze in the police HQ in The Flash.

Barbara Kean was one of the weak links of season one of Gotham, as the writers struggled to seem to know what to do with her (other than make her an alcoholic move) until, late on, they suddenly worked it out: make her a nutter. So, surprisingly, she looks like she could be one of the most interesting elements in season two, as this new trailer shows.

Gotham season two starts in the States in 21 September and will follow soon after in the UK on Five.


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