American Horror Story: Hotel – The Stars Speak & New Pics

The stars of American Horror Story: Hotel reveal a little about we can expect from the fifth season of the most deliciously freaky show on TV at the moment. And FOX – who are airing the show in the UK – has also released some stylish new promo images too. You can see all the trailers so far here.

American Horror Story: Hotel

ahs_hotel_donovanMatt Bomer: Donovan

What’s happening in this season of American Horror Story?
I’ll tell you what I can which is limited… we are at the Hotel Cortez in Los Angeles. The hotel really is a character in itself in this show, just the way it’s shot and the way as an actor you are constantly having to think about what your relationship is to that place, because it’s changing over the course of the season. It’s really the most magnificent set I’ve ever been on, it’s massive! It’s got a working elevator, it’s so ornate and specific and detailed, it really has to be seen to be believed. It’s completely immersive and transporting as an actor, it’s been really fun to get to play in that set. I play Donovan who is a resident of the hotel and is closely affiliated with Lady Gaga’s character and my mother Iris is played by Kathy Bates. He (Donovan) is a darker soul, he’s somebody who has a very complicated relationship with his mother.

Why is the new season set in a hotel?
I think Hotel really in many ways harkens back to Murder House (series one) in terms of a location that’s really relatable and so primarily frightening, because it is so close to home. We’ve all been in a place where our well-being, our sustenance, our safety is being looked after by an entity that we’re not entirely in control of. I think there’s something really primarily frightening about that.

Tell us about your character.
His name is Donovan he’s a resident of the hotel Cortez and closely affiliated with many characters on the show. Particularly with Lady Gaga’s character and my mother Iris played by Kathy Bates, they have a very complicated relationship, which I think influences all the relationships in his life. He’s somebody who’s dream and aspirations being in Los Angeles haven’t quite worked out as he had hoped.

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American Horror Story: Hotel premieres in the UK on Tuesday 20th October 10pm on FOX.

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