Hunger Games Director To Helm Neverwhere TV Remake

For nearly two decades now, Neil Gaiman fans have been wondering, “How great would Neverwhere have been if the BBC had actually spent some money it?” We might be on the verge of finding out, because Deadline is reporting that The Hunger Games (except the first one) director Francis Lawrence has signed a deal to produce and direct a new TV Neverwhere TV series.

Neverwhere 2

Believe it or not, that’s Peter Capaldi in the white frock

Lawrence’s production company is teaming up with veteran producer Mark Gordon (Saving Private Ryan, Source Code, Grey’s Anatomy) and his partner, Entertainment One, on both the Neverwhere project and a TV series based on Charles Belfoure’s mystery novel House Of Thieves. But it’s the Neverwhere announcement that’s most exciting for us.

The original series aired on BBC2 in 1996, and concerned ordinary, henpecked Londoner Richard Mayhew discovering a whole parallel London where familiar place names were real characters: there were Black Friars, an Angel called Islington and and Earl with a court. Sadly there was no castle inhabited by a pachyderm. It fizzed with Gaiman’s usual imagination and was populated with wonderfully grotesque and bizarre characters. But it also looked incredibly cheap and was shot on video. Worst still, the director and designers were expecting the video footage to be treated to look like film, so lit the production in the the way filmed TV is lit. Then the BBC bigwigs decided not to give it the film treatment and the lighting was all wrong for a video production.


It’s by no means a complete disaster and the cast is wonderful (including very a very young looking Peter Capaldi). But there’s always been a sense of, “What might have been?” Now maybe we’ll find out.

Presumably the show will maintain its London location even though it’l be a US series. It conceivably could be relocated but then you’d lose the fun with the names. Although if it were moved to New York fresh fun could be had with “Queens”.

So far, Neil Gaiman has yet to comment on the news on his Twitter feed, though with fans like his, it can only be a matter of time.


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