Doctor Who “The Witch’s Familiar”: 20 Spoiler-Free Teasers


So, what happens next on Doctor Who after that already-classic cliffhanger to “The Magician’s Apprentice”? (You can read the Buzz review here.) Yeah, like we’re going to tell you. But we are going to give a few hints to whet your appetite for next Saturday’s “The Witch’s Familiar”. Ready? Here we go then:

  1. Don’t expect the cliffhanger to be resolved straight away (but then, this is a Moffat episode here , so you probably weren’t anyway…)
  2. Somebody’s spinning around, upside down, but not breakdancing.
  3. Some great eyebrows close-ups.
  4. There’s a weapon that could be a Buffy The Vampire Slayer homage.
  5. Missy is telling tales.
  6. There’s a brilliant fan-pleasing FX shot of a kind that’s been done before in recent years, but is done MUCH better this time.
  7. The Doctor is the Daleks’ exact nightmare.
  8. The Dalek word for something is the same as the Dalek word for something else (feel free to make suggestions on our @MCMBUZZ Twitter feed).
  9. There are some glorious shots of the Dalek city.
  10. Davis finds something very rare on Skaro especially for the Doctor.
  11. An old Dalek episode cliché is given a new twist.
  12. Davros ups the moral dilemma ante.
  13. There are some really long Doctor/Davros dialogues.
  14. Davros uses something he hasn’t used for a long time.
  15. Davros cracks a joke.
  16. Clara keeps repeating herself.
  17. A Dalek says something unexpected.
  18. Something unexpected has a makeover.
  19. The Doctor utters a line that would make a great story title in the classic style of Dalek episodes nomenclature (ie, “The Something Of The Daleks”).
  20. Murray Gold goes all Ennio Morricone in the final scene.



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