The Walking Dead Casts Jesus

The Walking Dead has cast Tom Payne (Luck) as Jesus. No, not that Jesus, but a character introduced into the comics in issue 91 (2011) called Paul Monroe who gains the nickname Jesus partly because he looks a bit like romanticised images of the Christianity’s son of God, and partly because his people come to regard him as a possible saviour.


The character is not expected to appear on screen until the second half of season six. In the comics, Monroe is a resident of a survivor community called the Hilltop Colony who arrives in the Alexandria Safe-Zone to initial suspicion but eventually wins the trust of Rick Grimes and his group. He is a rational-thinking man and skilled adviser with a strong sense of morals and value system that’s well-adapted to the post-apocalyptic world. He becomes a key player in the build-up to the war against The Saviors and new major villain Negan.

The casting came to light after Entertainment Today posted some on-set photos that included what appeared to be a new mystery actor whom fans immediately speculated was Jesus from the comics. Further investigation revealed that this was the case and that Payne has been cast in a recurring role.


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