TomSka Previews “Weird” New Music Video At MCM Scotland Comic Con

TomSkaYouTube comedy sensation TomSka, aka Tom Ridgewell (Eddsworld and the asdfmovie series) previewed a rough cut of a hilarious, unashamedly un-PC new music video, as well as minute-long preview of an upcoming episode of Eddsworld at MCM Scotland Comic Con this weekend.

TomSka urged everyone there not to spoil the Eddsworld clip – just because he likes “torturing fans who aren’t here” – but did say it was from an episode called “The End” which will debut on his YouTube channel next year. He described is as, “the most expositiony, developmental episode of Eddsworld ever because I want to end my reign on it with a bang.”

Another treat was the rough cut of the spoof video for the song, “Shoot Your Problems Away”. “It’s definitely one of the weirdest videos I’ve ever made,” says TomSka. “We came up with the idea in 2012. It’s about people who have problems and they shoot them. And it’s also a song.”

“It is satire but we haven’t filmed the context that makes it satire yet, so you’re just going to have to watch it with zero context, and it’s just horrific. I was filming it last weekend and I was wandering around asking my crew if what we were doing was actually okay. And no one had anything to say because I pay them and they’re afraid of upsetting me.”


We won’t spoil the video too much (it’ll be worth the wait), but it does feature a little girl pulling a gun out of a ball pit, a psycho clown and the “harmony” rhymed with “artillery”. TomSka buries his head in his hands for most of the screening. It’s embarrassment, he tells us later.

“It’s lacking in racial diversity,” he says before explaining, “Everybody who wasn’t white didn’t feel comfortable doing it. In fact, the clown is black but then we painted his face white.”

He’s also ready for a bit of a backlash: “It took three years to make because it scares me. Every time I started thinking about making that video something happened in America and then I stopped making the video.”

In other news he reveals: “asdfmovie10 will be out on 30 May 2016, the tenth anniversary of my YouTube channel. I have no idea what it’ll be but I want it to be the biggest and weirdest one ever. I already revealed that release in a trailer that I did for asdfmovie9 and a few people picked up on it – smart cookies.


“I also have a book coming out, which is cool. That’s coming out on 22 October. Which is good. It’s weird. It’s a book. I don’t even how you hype a book. Ooh, it’s got paper and there’s jokes in it. I dunno.”

Although TomSka himself seemed slightly ashamed to actually plug his own book, we can tell you it’s called Art is Dead: The asdf Book, and you can preorder it now.

All photos by Claire Courtney



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