MCM Scotland Comic Con: A Brief Visual Round-Up

MCM Scotland Comic Con is over. It was one hell of an event with great guests, brilliant cosplay and an endlessly enthusiastic crowd. We bet Glasgow will seem somehow slightly less fun and slightly less magical in the morning. There’ll be loads more coverage in the coming week though while it’s all still fresh in our memories, here are a few memory joggers that didn’t come out blurred. Much better pics by our trusty snapper Claire Courtney are on their way soon!


Ser Meryn Trant and Ser Barristan Selmy answer a question from someone who looks familiar


Spot the odd one out


Stargate and Star Trek: Voyager’s Robert Picardo was a mine of anecdotes


The queue for Saturday’s Cosplay Masquerade


More of the queue for Saturday’s Cosplay Masquerade…


And even more of the queue for Saturday’s Cosplay Masquerade. Looks like not all those tails might make it to the stage, judging by the way the dragon’s eyeing them up


The voice of Naruto, Maile Flanagan


The Two Doctors – the Cops & Monsters panel was a real geekfest


The cast and crew of webseries Caledonia show off their prop-making skills


And here’s the other end of the Caledonia panel that was cut off in the pic above – and we’re including simply because the bubbly Naziyah Mahmood was a such a hit


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