Light Cast In US Death Note Movie



The live-action US version of celebrated manga Death Note is one of those projects that’s been hanging around development hell for years with names such as Shane Black and Gus Van Sant attached to direct. Now it finally looks like the film is taking major steps towards reality. Warners recently announced that Adam Wingard (V/H/S, You’re Next) will be directing, and is now on the verge of signing Paper Town star Nat Wolff to star.

The 13-volume manga has previously been adapted as both an anime and as a live-action film franchise in Japan. Wolff will reportedly play Light Yagami, a cocky school boy genius who is given a “gift” by a bored mischievous shinigami, a God of Death, named Ryuk (think Loki meets the Joker). The gift is a supernatural notepad with fatal powers; anybody whose name you write in it will die. Light tries to use this power for good, but as Ryuk knows full well, power corrupts (notably, Ryuk loves eating apples, Christianity’s byword for temptation). Soon Light’s intentions become corrupted and the police call in an expert – the bare-footed savant L (think Sherlock if he were in a boy band)  – to help track down what appears to be a new serial killer.

The American adaptation features a  script by Jeremy Slater (Fantastic Four – but we’re sure it wasn’t his fault).



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