Pacific Rim 2 Lives: It’s Not Just Del Toro Being Overly Optimistic

When Pacific Rim 2 suddenly vanished off Universal’s release schedule recently, you’d be forgiven for thinking that was the final nail in the coffin for any sequel to Guillermo del Toro’s hugely fun 2013 kaiju versus mecha mega smackdown.



Sure, del Toro was telling anyone who asked him in interviews that he still considered Pacific Rim 2 a live project. But, you couldn’t help thinking, “He would say that, wouldn’t he?”

However, it seems he wasn’t wearing rose-tinted glasses. In an unusual move, Universal has issued a press release clarifying the situation:

Pacific Rim 2, originally scheduled for release on 4 August 2017, will be redated at a later time. The filmmakers, Legendary and Universal Pictures are committed to having Pacific Rim 2, the sequel to 2013’s Pacific Rim, which generated more $411 million at the global box office, be the vanguard, fully-immersive experience that the franchise deserves. To this end, the decision was made to delay the production and release of Pacific Rim so that the creative team can continue in its efforts to exceed the amazing experience of the first film.”

Now, that is not a guarantee we’ll ever see a del Toro film about giant robots fighting giant monsters again. However, it is a heartening and unexpected statement of intent from a film company. Cross your fingers.


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