Epic Supernatural Season 11 Trailer Promises Death And Bunnies

supernatural season 11Death is dead. Long live death! Or something like that. Of course, in the UK we’re so far behind with Supernatural (season 10 starts on E4 on 14 October) that we shouldn’t give too much away, but hey, if you’ve clicked on a headline that says “Supernatural season 11 trailer” then being spoiled is your own look-out, frankly. Anyway, because Dean (Jensen Ackles) killed Death with his own scythe in the season 10 finale to save Sam (Jared Padalecki) the brothers have released the mysterious evil Darkness into the world. The result? According to this epic trailer: a lot of blood, a lot of furrowed brows, a really disturbing giant bunny costume and an unidentified woman telling someone (presumably central) off-camera, “I know you’re dying. I can feel it.”

Set to Death’s theme song, a version  of traditional American folk song “O, Death” sung by Jen Tutus that’s been associated with the show since season five, the two-minute trailer is a promise of harrowing things to come.


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