Doctor Who “Before The Flood” 21 Spoiler-Free Preview Teasers


When we left the Doctor last week, he was looking a bit hollow-eyed. How did he get that way? “Before The Flood” has the surprising answers as Doctor Who series nine continues with the second part of Toby Whithouse’s story. And it takes some unexpected turns. Here are 21 teasers to whet your appetite.

  1. The teaser is unlike any teaser from the show ever before. Some people may not like its style, but we thought it worked brilliantly in context.
  2. There’s the unlikely return of a prop from “The Magician’s Apprentice”.
  3. The theme tune is very cleverly Doctored.
  4. Somebody has a very sweet reaction to journeying in the TARDIS…
  5. …And somebody else has the exact opposite.
  6. The big bad monster is magnificent to behold with a great vocal performance from Peter (Darth Maul) Serafinowicz.
  7. You may not get to the of end the episode clear on this guy’s motivations, though – what he’s doing is obvious, why he’s doing it is not.
  8. You may want to freeze frame on somebody’s business card to see an amusingly bad sic-fi-related pun.
  9. Someone is distinctly unimpressed with first contact.
  10. The story addresses an aspect of time travel that has occurred in the show before but never addressed. And it does it with a lot of fun.
  11. The Doctor finally finds someone worth talking to.
  12. “Have you two met me?” 
  13. There’s a lot of exposition at the end, but it’s actually entertaining exposition.
  14. There’s a very effective Daredevil moment (not the the capital “D”).
  15. Lunn has to translate something he really doesn’t want to which provokes a strong reaction.
  16. There’s still a lot of running around corridors, not just the same ones as last week.
  17. There is one truly spectacular FX sequence.
  18. It is very tense in places, especially during the parallel action at the climax.
  19. “Morning breath.”
  20. The drum has a port for sonic sunglasses apparently.
  21. There’s an extremely pertinent Robert Heinlein reference.

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