Edgar Wright & Johnny Depp For Film Of Gaiman’s Fortunately The Milk


A dream-team of cast and crew are set to bring to life one of Neil Gaiman’s best-loved children’s books, Fortunately, The Milk, a tale of forgotten groceries and time-travelling dinosaurs.



Johnny Depp is set to star, Edgar Wright (Shaun Of The Dead, Hot Fuzz) is set to direct and Bret McKenzie (The Flight Of The Conchords) is set to script the film which will e a combination of live action and animation that will be created by the studio behind The Lego Movie. If just one of that lot is on their game, this could be good. If the all are, this could be incredible.

Fortunately, The Milk, with illustrations by Chris Riddell, was published in  2014. It’s the story of a dad who has t nip down to the shops for some milk one morning and he takes a very long time coming back. When he returns, thankfully with the milk, his excuse for his lengthy absence involves a spaceship of green globby aliens who love ornamental flamingoes, the god of people with short funny names, brightly coloured ponies; vampires (or wumpires) and Professor Steg, a time-travelling stegosaurus.




To be fair, Riddell’s marvellous illustrations were as much a part of the book’s success as the story, so let’s hope Wright and co use them as the main inspiration for the movie’s visuals.

20th Century Fox is currently front-runner in negotiations to back the movie, says The Hollywood Reporter.


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