Humans Writers Tease More Synths In Season 2


At the weekend, at MCM London Comic Con, we interviewed the writers of Channel 4’s excellent series Humans following their panel. They spoke about season two. We didn’t print anything about that because we were specifically asked not to by the PR people present. They were adamant.

So, just for the record, none of the following information comes from our interview. It comes from a talk the crew gave yesterday at an “Anatomy Of A Hit” panel discussion organised by the Royal Television Society and reported on by The Hollywood Reporter.

Co-writer ‎Sam Vincent revealed that “most of our wonderful cast” will return for season two. “We want to go deeper into relationships between humans and synths, all kinds: sexual ones, love ones, romantic‎ love, platonic love and familial.”


None of the information in this story came from any MCM interviews. Got that? Right!

He also said that there would be a bit of a time jump between seasons one and two which means that the synths will be even more sophisticated and more integrated into society.  There will be “a new antagonist or two”.

The biggest development of all though, will be that, “the ‎small group that we know from season one… they will turn out to not be the only conscious synths.”


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