Doctor Who “Sleep No More” Spoiler-Free Preview


And now for something completely different. After the relatively trad-Doctor Who (albeit brilliantly put-together) alien invasion fare of the Zygon two-parter, we have writer Mark Gatiss’s superficially also-trad “Sleep No More” which turns out to be anything but trad at all… So here’s this week’s 20 spoiler-free teasers. YOU MUST NOT READ THIS! (Although if you do you won’t be much the wiser…)

  1. Um… Er… Well… 
  2. Okay, we really don’t want to reveal too much about it. Because… well, you’ll understand when you see it. There’s something significant – one element – everyone will want to debate once it’s over.
  3. In one sense it’s very much on familiar ground (or artificial gravity) for the show – people trapped on a spaceship with monsters – but in so many other ways it’s one of the oddest episodes ever made.
  4. And not just because of the unique format, which has been mentioned in pre-publicity for months so we don’t think it’s a spoiler (but just in case you think it is, only click here if you want to see what we’re about). That format is just different… we’re talking really odd.
  5. There are two things missing entirely from the episode.
  6. The inclusion of Bethany Black, Doctor Who’s first ever transgender actress is definitely NOT stunt casting.
  7. You may want to watch it a second time with the Freeze Frame button on your remote handy.
  8. You may be heartily sick of a certain song by the end of the episode.
  9. The Doctor reassures Clara that he does something when she’s not looking.
  10. The monsters are both great and ludicrous.
  11. There’s some great running-down-corridors action.
  12. Reece Shearsmith has one truly great moment. The rest of the time he’s Reece Shearsmith.
  13. “It’s never a space hat.”
  14. An old, old, old Who episode gets a namecheck… or it may just be the punchline to a running gag.
  15. Talking of coincidences and reading too much into things… Neil Gaiman fans should not get too excited – it is an episode about sleep, after all.
  16. There’s a door that could have been on the Heart Of Gold.
  17. Oh god, there’s an “m” word we really want to use in connection with this episode we won’t until the review on Saturday (caution: we love misdirection in these previews).
  18. There are some chilling moments, some fiendishly ingenious moments but also a couple of supremely silly ones.
  19. But they might be on purpose! We don’t know! WE CAN’T STRAND THE CONFUSION IN OUR MINDS. (Bonus points for Who fans who get that reference.)
  20. This may be one of the most daring episodes of Doctor Who ever, or it may be a load of old bobbins. Only time will tell. Possibly.


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