Trailer For JJ Abrams/Stephen King Mini-Series 11.22.63


The idea of travelling back in time to prevent the assassination of president John F Kennedy was hardly a new one by the time Stephen King published 11.22.63 back in 2011 – it had been the stuff of countless pulp novels, comic book storylines and episodic TV episodes (Quantum Leap did its own memorable version). Yet somehow, King managed to turn this genre cliché into one of his most compelling novels in years.

One of the reasons was the number of twists he introduced to the time travel elements of the novel. This included the fact that the book’s protagonist, Jake Epping, could only ever travel back to one point in time – emerging at the same time, date and place each time (time resetting itself each journey). This happened to be a day in 1958, which meant that if he did want to save JFK he was going to have to wait around for five years in the past to do so. And once he does commit himself to the task his new life in the past starts taking over… Oh look! Stephen King getting all nostalgic for America in the ’50s and ’60s! Yep, it’s what he does best.

Now we have the trailer for the new nine-hour JJ Abrams-produced mini-series based on the novel.  It stars James Franco as Epping, and the opening two hours are directed by Oscar-winner Kevin Macdonald (The Last King Of Scotland, State Of Play). It all looks very impressive and glossy but we can’t help notice that the voice telling Epping about the time travel portal in the diner says that it leads to 1960. That seems a bit of an arbitrary change. What dramatic difference will lopping two years off the wait make? Unless the producers knew someone who could cheaply supply them a bunch of classic cars that only went into production in 1960?


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