New Pics: Stanley Tucci & Paloma Faith in ITV’s Christmas Peter Pan Extravaganza


ITV has just released a bunch of pics from Peter And Wendy, its Boxing Day drama based on Peter Pan. Because it’s not like we haven’t had enough Peter Pan adaptations… Hook, Peter Pan, Pan (animated and live action), Neverland, no to mention a whole sub-plot in Once Upon A Time and Finding Neverland. It stars Stanley Tucci as Captain Hook, Paloma Faith as Tinker Bell and Laura Fraser as Mrs Darling. The official synopsis appears to reveal a Wizard Of Oz-style framing device:

“The drama opens in modern day Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) where twelve-year-old Lucy Rose (Hazel Doupe, who also plays Wendy Darling) is awaiting treatment for a serious heart condition. Her mother Julie (Laura Fraser, also doubling up as Mrs Darling) is distraught with the fear of losing her child, and surgeon Mr Wylie (Stanley Tucci, who also plays Hook) assures her he will do everything in his power to make the operation a success. The day before her operation, Lucy reads JM Barrie’s novel of Peter Pan to a crowd of sick children in the hospital, and she goes to sleep with thoughts of the classic tale in her head. Lucy dreams this version of Peter Pan into existence and the story is retold through the young girl’s imagination.”

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