Star Wars The Force Awakens Will Have A Cantina Scene… With A New Song

Star Wars Cantina Band

In October 1977, at the height of disco, one of the most unlikely dance floor fillers was Meco’s beatastic “Star Wars Theme/Cantina Band”, which reached number one on the Billboard Chart in the US and number seven in the UK chart. Thus the jaunty ditty from the Mos Eisley dive became a genuine cultural phenomenon, in a way that neither of Sy Snootles and the Max Rebo Band’s songs in Return Of The Jedi managed (“Lapti Nek” in the proper version and “Jedi Rocks” is the Unspecial Addition).

Now JJ Abrams has revealed that there will be a Cantina-style scene complete with new song in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, and he’s co-written it with Lin-Manuel Miranda.

“Who?” you might be thinking. Well, he may not be a household name over here yet, but Miranda is a big deal on Broadway and the international musical theatre scene, as lyricist/composer/star of the rap musicals Hamilton and In The Heights. Here’s a taste.

Abrams said on the Jimmy Fallon show: “I go to see Hamilton with our son, and at intermission, Lin-Manuel Miranda — who wrote it, conceived it and normally stars in it, he wasn’t in it that night — comes up to me. And he says hello, and my mind is blown because he’s so brilliant, and he says, ‘Hey, if you need music for the cantina, I’ll write it.’”

Apparently Abrams did a double take as he was planning a cantina scene but the fact was secret at the time leading Abrams to wonder if Miranda had inside intel. Abrams explained that John Williams said he would “rather not write the music for that scene,” and so Abrams emailed with Miranda and asked if he’d like to be involved. Miranda said, “I’ll drop everything.”

So, will this one make the charts – or the dance floors – on either side of the Atlantic?

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