Dragon Ball Fan Starts Petition To Have A Planet Renamed Namek


A Dragon Ball fan has set up an online petition to have the boringly-named Kepler 22-b rechristened Namek, because the planet looks similar to the home planet of Dragon Ball villain Piccolo.


Lou Earley began the petition on Change.org three days ago and it’s already amassed 75,000 virtual signature. He aims to send the petition to International Astronomical Union for consideration.

The planet is currently named Kepler-22b because it orbits Kepler-22. That’s how astronomers do things. But because Kepler-22b looks similar to Namek Earley thinks that bit of space could do with some livening up.

“As a fan of Dragon Ball, Z/GT/Super, Planet Namek has been an icon throughout the stories of the famous anime series/manga series created by Akira Toriyama (Animated by Toei Animation). I have made this petition to get Kepler 22b an official name, which will be named after a very lavish planet. They look alike as well. I petition to change the name of Kepler 22b to ‘Namek’,” says Earley.

[via ComicBook.com]



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