Big Screen The Flash To Debut In Batman V Superman Says Costume Designer

You wouldn’t expect a convention appearance by a costume designer to produce any great new information about a forthcoming blockbuster but  Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice costume designer Michael Wilkinson dropped two very interesting snippets at the Comic Con Experience in Brazil this weekend, according to


Apparently he revealed that Ezra Miller will make his first appearance as The Flash in the forthcoming film, saying, “He will have a thinner silhouette and will not be as strong as the other heroes of the Justice League.” If true, then at least five of the seven main members of the Justice League will have appeared onscreen by the end of Batman v Superman with only Green Lantern (so far) not ibited to the party.

Wilkinson apparently also confirmed that the desert sequence with the flying creatures and Superman tearing off the Dark Knight’s mask seen in the trailer are, in fact, a nightmare being experienced by Bruce Wayne, in  which the world is turned into a post-apocalyptic, Mad Max-style desert and Superman has become a despot with an army of followers, composed of soldiers and flying creatures. points out that the original reports come from Brazilian sites so something may have been lost in Google translation, but what Wilkinson allegedly says ties in with other rumours.


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