BUZZ News Shorts: Deadpool, Star Wars, Into The Badlands, Batman V Superman


••• With instant cult hit Into The Badlands season one having just come to an end (minor spoilers if you haven’t watched the finale on Amazon in the UK yet) executive producers Miles Millar and Al Gough have spoken to about season two. After first warning, “we haven’t gotten anything official yet. We know that the network is obviously very happy with the show and how it’s performing, but we haven’t gotten official word of a pickup,” they go on to say, “with season one we wanted people to be immersed in the world and understand this part of the world, set up the political structure and have an understanding before kicking the doors down at the end of the season with the promise of seeing more of the Badlands. In season two, you’ll meet more Barons. We’ll explore the abbots. We’ll explore other areas of the Badlands… Everything you’ve done in your life, all of those tattoos on your back have consequences attached to them. You’ll definitely see more of the Badlands in season two, and really start to see the journey, the literal journey of these characters.”

••• DC Comics Movies is reporting that Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice has a running time of 151 minutes, which would make it longer that Man Of Steel’s 143 minutes. How many of those minutes do you think feature Wonder Woman?

••• The latest estimates for Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ first weekend box office for North America suggest it made $238 million, setting a new record as everybody expected (though some pundits are predicting an even higher figure of  $245 million – final weekend numbers will be released later today). Outside of North America is made an estimated $279 bringing its global total to $517 million, the second biggest opening of all time behind Jurassic World ($525 million) but unlike that film it didn’t open in the lucrative Chinese market during its first weekend. It opened number one in every territory it opened, except for South Korea and Vietnam. As you’ll see from the graphs below (from The Hollywood Reporter) in North America The Force Awakens actually began to track behind some other recent hits as the weekend went on. But industry experts point out this is unsurprising for a December release when Christmas shopping is a new film’s main rival. On the other hand, December blockbusters tend to see less of a drastic drop-off in numbers on subsequent weekends.




••• As part of the 12 Days Of Deadpool, the Merc With A Mouth gives us a summary of his 2015. Some bad language so avert your eyes if you’re easily offended.







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