BUZZ News Shorts: Star Trek Beyond, The Big Bang Theory, The Force Awakens & More


William Shatner: “Well, if Star Trek won’t have me…”

••• William Shatner has told SFX magazine that, despite rumours, he will definitely not be appearing in Star Trek Beyond.

••• Yahoo has confirmed the closure of its streaming service, Yahoo Screen, which produced the final season on Community, as well as other original programming such as  Other Space and Sin City Saints, after it lost $42 million on the project. [via]

••• A Star Wars: The Force Awakens episode of The Big Bang Theory shown in the States on 17 December has set a TV record for largest timeshift viewing figures ever, with an extra 7.18 million catch-up viewers being added to the overnight figures. [via Deadline]

••• John Rhys-Davies (The Lord Of The Rings, Raiders Of The Lost Ark) is set to star in and exec produce Evolutionary Films’ action horror film Aux. In the film two young boys sneak into a secret military bunker, undetected since the second world war, where they find something terrifying and deadly. No, not Rhys-Davies. He plays an elderly World War II vet now in a nursing home called Jack, who recognises what’s happening and becomes involved. The film is being directed by Evolutionary CEO John Adams, his feature debut. [via Deadline]

••• Star Wars: The Force Awakens has now passed the global box office grosses of both Furious 7 and The Avengers to become the fourth biggest money-spinner ever, with $1.54 billion. In North America, the film is on the verge of overtaking Avatar ($760.5 million) to become the top-grossing title of all time. It still seems unlikely that The Force Awakens will pass Avatar worldwide to claim the global number one spot ($2.78 billion) but as Deadline points out, there are multiple reasons for this, including the fact that 3D is no longer the gimmick it was when the Cameron film was released plus – on a more ruthlessly economic level – currencies outside the US have been seriously devalued in the intervening years: for example, The Force Awakens’ current $21.7 million Brazil would have been closer to $50 million a year-and-a-half ago.

••• Disney has revealed a couple more images from its live action version of The Jungle Book, that’s been directed by Jon Favreau (Iron Man). They include a poster that’s the first part of a triptych – in other words there are two more posters to come (today and tomorrow) and you’ll be able to place them side-by-side to form a larger picture. Click on both images for larger versions.






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