Deadpool Director Explains The Rules Of Breaking The Fourth Wall

ryan-reynolds-deadpoolDeadpool’s shtick in the comics of addressing readers directly is something that the new Deadpool film is clearly embracing with enthusiasm if the trailers are anything to go by. But director Tim Miller tells Empire magazine in the latest issue that there’s method in the meta-madness.

Put simply, “Deadpool breaks the fourth wall. Wade Wilson never does.”

Miller goes in to explain that the scriptwriting process put a lot of thought into the logic behind the fourth-wall-breaking moments: “Does he know he’s a comic book character in a comic book movie? Does he know that Ryan Reynolds is playing him? And that Ryan Reynolds also played Green Lantern? It’s a big rabbit hole, and we explore it pretty deep.”

He also reveals that the fourth wall is not broken in the movie until after Wade gets his powers and becomes Deadpool. So does that mean breaking the fourth wall is a special power? Discuss…


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