BUZZ News Shorts: Batman V Superman, The Force Awakens, Fantastic Voyage & More

••• Shooting Stars, a theatrical distribution company in Dubai, has released a video of its augmented reality experience that turns fans into Batman and Superman for a BvS: Dawn Of Justice style slug-fest (well, at a stretch of imagination… you sort of stand there and strike poses at each other). We have no idea whether there are any plans to roll this out beyond Dubai, but you’d hope so. Plus, check out the entranced kid in the background…

••• According to The Hollywood Reporter, Guillermo del Toro is the latest in a long line of directors in talks to helm the James Cameron-produced Fantastic Voyage that seems to have been in development hell since shortly after the original film came out in 1966. The script, which concerns a bunch of scientist who are shrunken down and injected inside a dying man’s body to try to save his life from the inside, is by David Goyer who previously worked with del Toro on Blade II. Don’t get too excited yet, though. So many directors have come and gone on this project (Roland Emmerich, Paul Greengrass, Shawn Levy) and del Toro seems to attached to so many projects that never happening (including a previous collaboration with Cameron for At The Mountains Of Madness) so this is a case of “we’ll believe it when we see it”.

people_of_earth••• US network TBS has given the green light to People Of Earth, a sit-com about a support group for alien abductees which boats chat show host Conan O’Brien and Greg Daniels (The Office, Parks and Recreation) among its executive producers. Daniels will also write and direct. [via ComingSoon]

••• Sticking with sci-fi comedies, NBC has now ordered a pilot for Powerless, which is set in the DC universe. It’s an office comedy about the exceedingly average employees at an insurance company and their quest to find their own power. It hails from Warner Bros Television and will be written by Ben Queen (A to Z), with Michael Patrick Jann set to exec produce and direct the pilot. [via The Hollywood Reporter]

••• The unlikeliest breakout star from Star Wars: The Force Awakens now has an official name, though sadly it’s not the one online fans had created for him. The stormtrooper who fought Finn with a lightsaber-resistant baton on the surface of Takodana has become a bit of a bit and internet pundits had dubbed him TR-8R after his yell of “TRAITOR!” But it seems his real “name” is FN-2199 (Finn was originally FN-2187), as revealed in the tie-in young adult novel Star Wars: Before The Awakening by Greg Rucka, along with the fact that he trained with Finn. “That explains why he seems just a little extra angry upon seeing Finn during the attack on Maz’s Castle,” says the official Star Wars website. In the film FN-2199 was played by Liang Yang who performed the impressive baton twirling with Skywalker Sound sound editor David Acord providing the voice.




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