The Creepiest Trailer Since The Last Trailer For The Witch


Be warned – this trailer features the freakiest bunny on film since General Woundwort in Watership Down. And it’s not even doing anything. It’s just a bunny. Sitting there. Looking evil. It’s a method acting bunny channelling pure malevolence. And it’s not even the freakiest animal on show. Devil goat wins that prize.

This new trailer for exquisitely photographed horror film The Witch is subtitled “Paranoia” and you may well he jumping at your own shadow by the end of it. Set in the New England wilderness of 1630 it’s the story a farmer who’s beset by strange and terrifying happenings: animals attack, crops fail, one child disappears and another is seemingly possessed by a demon. As things get worse, the family accuses their teenage daughter of witchcraft.

It was a prizewinner at Sundance 2015 director Roger Eggers is already making a buzz as a talent to watch. It’s released in the UK on 11 March, the same day as Kung Fu Panda 3.



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