2 New Deadpool Trailers

You turn your back for one weekend and two Deadpool trailers come along at once. To be honest we’re surprised there weren’t more. In keeping with the movie’s meta moments, one of the trailers has a title that cheekily boasts it has “5% new material” in a subtle piss-take of the way the internet gets excited trying to spot new frames of footage in the four millionth trailer to be released for such-and-such blockbuster these days.

So much new footage can you spot in the trailer after that one?

Deadpool is released in the UK on 1o February.

Oh, and after years of fans moaning about once R-rated franchises being watered down to PG-13 sequels in the hope the young teen audience will spends their bucks on tickets, the reverse has happened with Deadpool. Last Wednesday the MPAA in the States revealed it had given the film an R rating which the film’s cast and crew had been aiming for all along and could now wear like a badge of pride.

So, of course, someone immediately starts a petition to get a PG-13 rated version of the film cut and released.

Let the kid’s wait, we say. Let them learn some patience!


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