Candice Patton Reveals Major Work/Life Dilemma In Store For The Flash’s Iris

Candice Patton reveals that Iris’s new boss for the second half of The Flash season two, incoming Central City Picture News editor Scott Evans (Tone Bell), is going to cause a big moral dilemma for the ambitious young journalist. Minor spoilers ahead.

Speaking to, Patton says, “My new editor Scott Evans… is not a fan of the Flash. He believes the Flash isn’t really the hero that everyone thinks that he is and possibly puts people in danger rather than helping them. That’s hard for Iris because she knows who the Flash is and she knows Barry’s heart. She knows that he is a hero. It puts her in a hard place of wanting to do well at her job and trying to write articles that her new editor will like. It’s difficult.”

Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg has previously told TVLine that Evans’s anti-speedster views will “lead to a lot of conflict,” but also hinted that “there is chemistry between them.” Patton, however, is more coy.

Tone Bell will play Scott Evans

Tone Bell will play Scott Evans

“I hear talk of that,” she says. “There’s potential for romance between them. We haven’t really gotten there yet, so I don’t know what that looks like or how deep that is. For right now, they are co-workers. I think it’s safe to say Iris has spent enough time grieving Eddie and that she is ready to open herself up to meeting new people at the very least.”

Patton also says that Iris will be pushing for Barry to tell new flame Patty the truth about his life and is glad that the writers have decided to make Iris supportive of Barry’s new relationships rather than catty about them. “It’s really great to see a woman on television, and on our show, that is not a hater. She truly wants Barry to be happy.”

Even better, alt-Iris (to use old Fringe terminology) will be front and centre in the Earth-2 episodes. “Earth-2 Iris is involved in a lot of the action involving Zoom. She’s right in the thick of all the craziness. Those two episodes are by far my favorite that I’ve shot this season. It’s nice to be involved in the main plot and to see Iris deal with the big bad and being a part of solving the problems. There are a lot of guns and a lot of action all around.”


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