Bryan Singer Says X-Men Is Like Game Of Thrones – Huh???


Get ready for Storm bearing her breasts, Magneto decapitating Professor X, a massacre at the wedding of Cyclops and Jean Grey and Wolverine inserting those claws in orifices where they don’t belong. Oh, and at least one scene that’ll lead to to uproar about violence towards women. And lots of sex.

Oh, hang on. That doesn’t seem to be what X-Men: Age Of Apocalypse director Bryan Singer means when he tells Yahoo! that X-Men is comparable to Game Of Thrones.

“I’m a huge Game Of Thrones fan,” he says. “There’s a crossover between X-Men and Game Of Thrones: they’re both about a younger generation finding their powers, finding out who they are, and what their place in the world is.”

Singer continues: “I like how the show’s about different groups of people moving towards a common goal. They don’t even know if that’s the right goal, who wants to sit on that uncomfortable throne? I don’t! Everyone in King’s Landing is miserable. But for some reason they want that power.”

So no bare-assed rumpy-pumpy in Apocalypse, then? Shame. The least he could do is CGI in a three-eyed crow.

X-Men: Apocalypse is released on 19 May 2016.


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