BUZZ Needs You! Looking For New Writers, Photographers & Artists


Very soon, MCM Buzz will be going through some very big changes. Believe us, you won’t be able to miss them! And we need your help in taking this new evolution of the site to the next level.

We’re looking for volunteer writers, photographers and artists with enthusiasm, skill and a passion for the things we’re passionate about. (Except Marmite. We’re passionate about Marmite but hating it is not a deal-breaker.) If you like cult entertainment, anime, cosplay, the movies, TV, comics, sci-fi and you want get your work noticed then we’re interested in hearing from you.


• Primarily we’re looking for TV episode reviewers, plus book and comics reviewers.
• If you want to review a series for us on an episode-by-episode basis let us know which are your favourites. We prefer to assign shows to people who like those shows.
• Also, writers who can help us with coverage at MCM conventions.
• Specialist bloggers – with expertise in certain areas – will also be considered, on the understanding they would be required to produce columns on a regular basis.
• BUZZ may also invite you to contribute opinions to “immediate reaction” pieces (ie, if the new trailer for Wonder Woman is released, or a new Doctor Who is announced, we’d like to have an article along the lines of, “And here’s a few of the BUZZ writers think…”)


• We want photographers who can cover MCM cons, especially the Cosplay competitions. And as there are MCM cons all round the country now, we need photographers from all over the place!


• We don’t use art on the site all that often but there are occasions when a cartoon or an illustration would be good so it’d be great if we had a pool of willing artists who we could turn to.


• First up – not money. Sorry. Want to make that clear to avoid any disappointment.
• Free entry to MCM cons. Where you might get to meet famous people and stuff.
• Also, while MCM Buzz cannot pay you, there are possibilities of getting work on the MCM convention guides, if you prove reliable and produce quality work.
• In addition, some MCM writers have in the past “graduated” to providing articles for MyM Magazine, which is paid work. However, this is at the discretion of the editor of MyM. We cannot stress strongly enough that working for MCM Buzz does not guarantee work on convention guides or MyM Magazine. However, it can happen.
• A byline for all copy you provide that’s used.



• If you want to review for us please write us a review of a recent episode/book/comic in the MCM review format. That means include all the information that we do, and if it’s a TV review, split it into the same sections that we do.
• If you want to be a specialist blogger please send us an original blog on your chosen subject. Remember, MCM is happy to constructively criticise but we’re a snark free-zone. Blogs should use intelligent arguments not forum-style rants.
• Send your submissions – along with a few biographical details about yourself (including region of the country you live in) to: Please include the word SUBMISSION in the email header.


• Simply send an email to with a link to an online portfolio (Instagram/Facebook galleries or similar are fine too) and some brief biographical details (including region of the country you live in). Remember, we’ll need you to take photos primarily in artificial light in huge halls so obviously relevant examples would be better than wildlife photography.


• Simply send an email to with a link to an online portfolio (Instagram/Facebook galleries or similar are fine too) and some brief biographical details (including region of the country you live in).

Feel free to contact me with any queries you might have.

We assume we’ll have far more submissions that writers/photographers/artists we can use, but we’ll attempt to let everyone know if they’ve been successful or not so we don’t leave you hanging.

Good luck!

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