BUZZ News Shorts: Wonder Woman, Star Wars Episode VIII, Fear The Walking Dead & More

••• We’s said before that the best thing about the novel Pride And Prejudice And Zombies was its cover and it looks like the film’s going the same way with its posters. Looks at this beauty! It does a better job of enticing us to see the film than any of the clips do. [via Coming Soon]


••• Here’s another clip from Disney’s Zootopia featuring Judy Hopps (Once Upon A Time’s Ginnifer Goodwin) and Jason Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman) in investigative mode.

••• Some new details about Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman have surfaced thanks to Empire. Apparently in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, the character is over 5,000 years old and will be “coming out of retirement”. “She’s seen it all,” says Gadot. “She has seen what humans can do, so it was very hard for her to come back and fight… I don’t want people to think she is perfect. She can be naughty.” Steady there with that whip, ma’am!

••• Kevin Spacey as you’ve never seen him before in the trailer for Nine Lives

stretch-armstrong••• Netflix has announced three new shows for children including an animated reboot of Stretch Armstrong, the rubber-limbed action figure toy of the ’70s that looked great in adverts and was always disappointingly crap when you got one for real. The animated action/comedy series revolves around an overstretched teenager named Jake Armstrong and his two best friends. When the trio is accidentally exposed to an experimental chemical, they become Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters, a team of unlikely stretchable superheroes who expand beyond the confines of their lives and embark on a series of adventures. The other shows are live-action sci-fi drama The Greenhouse and Project Mc². Each of the new series will launch all of its episodes at the same time around the world.

man-in-the-dark••• Daniel Zovatto (It Follows) will be playing a new recurring character on the second season of Fear The Walking Dead although there are no details yet about his character. But what’s the betting he turns Alicia’s eye and rubs Christopher up the wrong way? [via Deadline]

••• ABC has given the green light to a pilot for a TV series version of Time After Time, based on the novel by Karl Alexander which spawned the cult hit 1979 film about a young HG Wells (Malcolm McDowell) using his time machine to pursue Jack The Ripper (David Warner) though time. The new TV show will be exec produced by Kevin Williamson (Scream, The Vampire Diaries) who will also write the pilot. According to Deadline the novel and film will only act as a jumping on point for the series (but if it does feature Wells as a character we assume they won’t be addressing his views on eugenics).

••• According to Making Star Wars Episode 8 will film in Dubrovnik, Croatia which mat be familiar to Game Of Thrones fans: it was, until season six, where they filmed the King’s Landing exteriors. [via /Film]




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