Sam Raimi To Direct World War III

next100yearsSpider-Man and Evil Dead director Sam Raimi is set to wage World War III for Warner Bros. The film will be based on predictions from geopolitical forecaster  George Friedman’s “non-fiction” best seller, The Next 100 Years.

The book, published in 2009, is, “A fascinating, eye-opening and often shocking look at what lies ahead for the US and the world from one of our most incisive futurists, ” says the official blub for the book. “George Friedman, founder of STRATFOR — the preeminent private intelligence and forecasting firm — focuses on what he knows best, the future.”

The book suggests that the US/Jihadist war will be replaced by a new cold war with Russia; that China’s role as a world power will diminish; that Mexico will become an important force on the world stage; and that new technologies and cultural trends will radically alter the way we live (and fight wars).

So, will Raimi’s film be the 21st century version of HG Wells’ Things To Come? And how quickly will it date and become a quaint historical curiosity? And does that matter? After all, nobody thinks any less of 2001: A Space Odyssey just because man never found a monolith on the moon that year. Or will the Cornish Empire be laughing at how inaccurate it all was come 2101?

Anyway – it’s Sam Raimi. He’ll probably be aiming for fanciful fun rather than spurious geopolitical realism. The rather lurid title that Warner Bros has chosen for the film would seem to speak volumes in that regard.



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