BUZZ News Shorts: Twin Peaks, Men In Black, Batman V Superman & More


••• The theatrical version of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice isn’t out yet but director Zack Snyder is already talking (to Entertainment Weekly) about the R-rated Ultimate Edition that’ll be coming out on Blu-ray. On the mysterious woman who Jena Malone will be playing (who’s been cut form the theatrical version) he says, “She’s definitely not Robin or Batgirl. I’m happy to say that.” He also promises, “here’s just a lot of these Easter Eggs in the Director’s Cut that I think are gonna be fun for everyone… There’s one giant one that I won’t tell you about yet that speaks to what’s gonna go on in the greater Justice League universe.” On the subject of violence he says: “There’s not a lot of blood in our movies. The ratings board also judges their PG-13 and R ratings by what they consider to be a level of intensity and how much that intensity goes throughout the entire movie. There are some pretty intense scenes in Batman v Superman, and if they went on longer and had that same level of intensity, that might cause the ratings board to shift their rating.”

••• James Bobin (Flight Of The Conchords, The Muppets) is in early talks to direct a 21 Jump Street/Men In Black crossover movie. No this in not an early April Fools Day scam… [via Deadline]

••• Two more actors have been added to the cast of the Twin Peaks reboot:  Patrick Fischler (Hail Caesar) and David Dastmalchian (Ant-Man). [via Deadline]

••• Los Angeles-based production company Straight Up Films has acquired film rights to Square Enix’s videogame franchise Thief with plans to develop a Thief movie. Adam Mason and Simon Boyes (Misconduct, Not Safe For Work) will write the screenplay.

••• New York Daily News has spotted Sylvester Stallone on his way to the Atlanta studio where Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 is being filmed, clutching a script. You can’t help but put two and two together, can you?


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