DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow S01E03 “Blood Ties” REVIEW

Legends Of Tomorrow S01E03 “Blood Ties” REVIEW

Blood Ties

stars 4

Airing in the UK on: Sky1, Thursdays, 8PM
Writers: Marc Guggenheim, Chris Fedak
Director: Dermott Downs


Essential Plot Points:

  • The Legends find themselves stuck in 1975 as Kendra’s stab wound does not allow them to move through time.
  • Sara suggests to Rip that the best way to stop Vandal Savage is to interfere with his fortune.
  • As Kendra becomes more sick, Ray is forced to shrink down and enter her bloodstream in order to prevent shards of the dagger from reaching her heart.
  • Rip and Sara head to the bank where Savage keeps him money to steal it but Sara ends up fighting with the bank staff as they are members of Savage’s highly trained crew.
  • Sara kills all but one, who’s taken captive for questioning.
  • Rip expresses concerns at Sara’s behaviour, as she is still struggling with her bloodlust from the Lazarus Pit.
  • As Rip questions Savage’s henchman, the man reveals to him and Sara that Rip had tried to kill Savage in the past and failed.
  • Sara assures him that killing didn’t come easy for him because he is a good man.
  • Meanwhile, Jax is forced into being the getaway driver for Leonard and Mick when they perform a heist
  • Leonard also takes a detour to try to change history by keeping his father from going to prison. However, his attempts are unsuccessful.
  • After making some repairs on his suit and having a heart-to-heart with Professor Stein, Ray is able to re-enter Kendra’s bloodstream and prevent the shards from reaching her heart.
  • Rip and Sara are able to infiltrate Savage’s lair and when taken captive, learn that Savage is using Carter’s blood to give his henchmen longer lives.
  • Kendra is able to call out about Sara, Rip, and Carter being in trouble which alerts Ray and Stein to the problem.
  • Stein sends the coordinates of Rip and Sara to Jax, Leonard and Mick so they can descend upon Savage’s lair.
  • Rip inadvertently reveals to Savage of the murder of Rip’s wife and child, thus sending Savage on a quest to complete this task.
  • The Legends are able to fight off Savage and his men, and reclaim Carter’s body.
  • After a burial for Carter, Rip apologises to the Legends for not telling them of his previous failed attempt to kill Savage and then sets a course for 1986 to try to stop Savage once again.

Blood Ties



After a lengthy two-party introduction to the lead characters and their quest to kill Vandal Savage, we now see the beginnings of the grittier character explorations. Rip and Sara are able to bond in their opposing struggles regarding killing: Rip failed to kill Savage in the past, while Sara has an insatiable bloodlust to kill because of her resurrection from the Lazarus Pit. Then we see Leonard Snart show a more vulnerable side in his efforts to stop his father from going to prison so that he may not become a violent, abusive figure towards Leonard and his younger sister Lisa. By showing these vulnerable character moments, we are treated to a more well-rounded understanding and dimension of their identities.

Rip and Sara’s first foray into the 1970s of the episode was nicely punctuated with some music of the era. It was a nice touch to enhance the authenticity of the experience, while also adding some humour to an otherwise darker-toned episode. Caity Lotz’s fight sequences were particularly impressive while her emotionality kept the character dynamic.

Blood Ties


The Good:

  • It was about time they gave Wentworth Miller some more dramatic material. Though we’ve enjoyed the Snart-snark, it’s clear that his range is far greater than that and this was a great kick-off to more depth for the character.
  • Arthur Darvill and Caity Lotz showed some brilliant chemistry in their scenes together. Whether Rip and Sara explore a romantic relationship or not, it will be brilliant to see more scenes between the two.
  • The visuals of Ray in his Atom suit inside Kendra’s bloodstream was fantastic. It’s nice to see that the visual effects team on this show pays so much attention to detail.

Blood Ties


The Bad:

  • Perhaps we simply lost focus, but we struggled to understand the point of the Professor Stein/Ray “remember-me-not” plot. It felt forced in its attempts to create a meaningful interaction between the two.
  • It’s a tad confusing understanding the “rules”/science of these reincarnating characters. Carter is dead, but… how/when can he come back to life? Is there any way the writers can more clearly articulate how it works?
  • Being that the show is male-heavy, can we get some scenes in the future with Kendra and Sara interacting and building a relationship?

Blood Ties


The Random:

  • Drinking Carter’s blood? Really? That cannot be healthy or medically sound, magical deity or not.

Reviewed by Jenevia Kagawa Darcy


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