DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow S01E04 “White Knights” REVIEW

Legends Of Tomorrow S01E04 “White Knights” REVIEW

White Knights


stars 4

Airing in the UK on: Sky1, Thursdays, 8PM
Writers: Sarah Nicole Jones & Phil Klemmer
Director: Antonio Negret


Essential Plot Points:

  • The Legends land in 1986 in Washington DC in search of a classified document that will help them track down Vandal Savage.
  • They must work together to break into the Pengtaon to steal a file but they encounter problems on their way out, including Kendra’s demigoddess powers flaring up and Firestorm bickering about some difficulties in knocking out the power.
  • They learn that Savage has defected to the Soviet Union but are pursued by Chronos on the way there. Rip is able to stop Chronos by using Russian fighter jets to help him take Chronos down.
  • In the Soviet Union, they must pursue a scientist named Valentina Vostok whose research is being backed by Savage.
  • Ray and Leonard try to engage with Vostok in the street (they can speak Russian with the help of an ingestible translator). Ray’s “charm” fails but she takes a shine to Leonard.
  • Rip encourages Sara to reach out to Kendra and help her work through her issues. They spar it out, with both struggling to deal with their inner demons.

White Knights

  • Rip goes after an anomaly just outside of Moscow with Mick accompanying him. Upon reaching it, Rip expects to find Chronos but instead it’s Zaman Druce, his old mentor.
  • Zaman offers Rip a deal where he will be pardoned and all of the Legends will be returned to their original time if Rip agrees to surrender.
  • This offer is a trap and Zaman instead tries to kill Rip with the help of Chronos but Mick and Firestorm help fend him off.
  • Zaman and Chronos get away but Jax is injured in the fight.
  • Jax and Stein have an argument as Jax still resents being forced to come on the mission and Stein feels that stopping Savage is bigger than any of their personal lives. Stein later confesses to Ray that he feels grief over having lost Ronnie, his original Firestorm-half, and worries about Jax suffering the same fate if Stein makes any mistakes.
  • Stein infiltrates Valentina Vostok’s research lab and learns that the research Savage is funding is to build an army of people with Firestorm abilities.
  • Despite Rip and Jax protesting his actions, Stein takes it upon himself to absorb the energy is the lab’s thermal core.
  • Ray, Mick, and Leonard are in another part of the base but all three end up being captured by Soviets led by Valentina Vostok, who is more in-the-know regarding Savage’s plan than they originally thought.
  • Leonard is the only one who manages to escape and brings the thermal core with him. He is angry at Rip for not doing more to help the others, Mick in particular, saying that even criminals have a code about never leaving one of their own behind.
  • But Rip is already forming plans for the non-captured team members to rescue those that were captured.

White Knights


Now we’re starting to get the type of character moments we were hoping for. The bonding between Sara and Kendra; the raw emotions exchanged in Stein and Jax’s argument; and even Leonard’s concerns for Mick upon his being captured all aid in establishing and strengthening the bonds of this team.

Superhero characters are so easily glamourised when the writing is lazy, but the writers for this episode aren’t afraid to expose the vulnerabilities of the Legends. As fun as the actions sequences and visual effects are, all of that would feel shallow without the dramatic character content to ground the show’s narrative.

With a few more episodes having aired now, most of the characters feel better rooted in the show’s plot. And with that, we’re more invested on joining the Legends on their quest to stop Savage.

White Knights


The Good:

  • Kendra and Sara bonding through their sparring sessions and working through their inner-mystical-issues is everything! No lazy tropes of women being catty towards one another for no reason, or even worse fighting over a man! Just badass butt-kicking and bonding! Other TV/film writers, you had better be taking notes!
  • Victor Garber is brilliant. To have an actor of his calibre on this show was already impressive but plot points like these where we see Stein so vulnerable and concerned about losing another Firestorm have the level of dramatic impact we’d expect in a mid-season finale.
  • On the other side of this plot point, Franz Drameh held his own completely in the argument scene. It’s so important that the writers took the time to revisit Jax’s grief at being torn away from his life and forced on the mission instead of simply bypassing it.

White Knights

The Bad:

  • By in large, there weren’t too many weak points in this episode. It would be good to see more character development for Ray and Mick, but considering how well the writers have tended to the other characters, we’re assuming they’ll be next on the list.

White Knights

And the Random:

  • That forced-trip-turned-graceful-save Leonard Snart did in order to steal the key card and wallet of the Pentagon employee was magnificent. Perhaps some would consider it a bit camp and over-the-top but what’s not too love about such an impressive display of cunning grace?

Reviewed by Jenevia Kagawa Darcy


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