The Aliens S01E03 “Episode 3” REVIEW

The Aliens S01E03 “Episode 3” REVIEW


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Airing in the UK on E4 on Tuesdays at 9pm
Writer: Fintan Ryan
Director: Jonathan van Tulleken


Essential Plot Points:

  • In the aftermath of Antoine stabbing his would-be attacker to death, Lewis understandably freaks out and kicks him out of the car. Antoine makes his way back to his old place, where he’s confronted by Lilyhot. He tells her he has no intention of fighting – that he’s retired. Besides, he doesn’t trust her, and thinks her plans for war are entirely for her gain.
  • To try help Lewis “unwind”, Dominic takes him to one of Fabien’s abandoned warehouses, where a small group of aliens are ominously sat silently watching a projected sunset from Grand Theft Auto. Dominic is reflecting on the past few hours, and decides that he wants to find a positive role model. Lewis isn’t having any of it – he just wants to get out of Troy.
  • Meanwhile, Fabien’s trying to think of a new way to get his Fur into the human side. Lilyhot’s the only one who comes through, suggesting getting someone at border patrol to help out: Lewis.
  • In the wake of having Ely taken away from her, Holly is going cold turkey. She’s finished off her stash of Fur, and on top of that, she’s got herself a job. So far, so positive.
  • Speaking of positive, in his quest for a role model, Dominic makes his way to what seems like a local alien school, or at least the closest equivalent. The lady running it is the same one who’s been preaching the lack of evidence for a spaceship landing in the UK over the last two episodes. She’s trying to create “beacons of light” through the children, starting with getting them to grow our their hair and then burn it in a sign of rebellion.
  • Antoine approaches Dominic to try and get a message to Lewis – which Lewis doesn’t take well. Antoine wants to convince him that he isn’t the murderer he put himself across as in front of Lewis, and that he wants to change his life. Lewis pointedly tells him, through Dominic, to “fuck off”.
  • Back at home, Fabien is paying a visit to Lewis thanks to Lilyhot’s earlier suggestion. He orders Lewis to help him get his Fur through the checkpoint, threatening to kill his dad and sister if he doesn’t comply. He doesn’t have a choice but to agree, and starts letting it through. After an altercation with Lilyhot, though, enough is enough, and he pulls over the man he knows to be carrying the Fur, aware of the potential consequences.
  • Truss, douchebag that he is, has made up a fake job proposal for Dominic for the sole purpose of pushing him down and “showing him his place”, so to speak. The “interview” he conducts is being livestreamed for other border patrol employees to watch and laugh at as he essentially condemns and bullies Dominic for being an alien.
  • Holly confides in Lewis, saying that she’s starting to wonder if the aliens she’s working with aren’t actually that bad. Lewis agrees, saying that he doesn’t agree with the way they’re being treated. Their dad, on the other hand, is less than happy about Holly associating with “morks”. In a low-blow, he asks Holly to think about how ashamed her mother would be if she knew.
  • Lewis goes to see Lilyhot on her request, and she talks to him about how Lewis is the first man she’s come across who’ll help her without the incentive of her sleeping with him, but just because it was the right thing to do. Turns out that despite the heart-warming monologue, she only brought Lewis into Troy because it was a trap to get him to Fabien. He knocks Lewis out and takes him to the sunset warehouse to torture him for disobeying his orders.
  • Lilyhot subtly calls Antoine and shows him live footage of his son being tortured, which spurs him into action. Just as Fabien’s about to apply a burning hot iron to Lewis’s foot, he bursts in guns blazing, shooting Fabien and making off with Lewis. They don’t get far, and have to hide away in the warehouse.
  • Antoine tries to trick Lewis into escaping the warehouse by leading him to believe there are weapons down through the air vent, when really it leads outside. Although it looks like Lewis might take the easy way out for a second, he ends up doubling back and facing Fabien and his men with his dad. Turns out there was no reason to worry – Antoine’s mate Gaspard’s taken care of it all for them, and Fabien is in their hands.
  • The episode ends on a montage: Lewis having celebratory drinks with his Dad, Dominic burning his hair with the schoolchildren, Holly abandoning her alien co-worker, and Truss identifying Lilyhot from a photo as the woman Lewis let get away in episode one.


There’s a lot happening in this third episode of The Aliens. With the introduction of Antoine, the plot ball really seems to have gotten rolling. What started out as a flashy PSA warning against illegal drug dealing in episode one has now morphed into a show with the potential for all-out warfare in its plotline. It’s pretty dramatic stuff.

This episode brings with it some really interesting character developments, particularly when it comes to Antoine, aka Lewis’s alien father and possible leader of the new revolution. If Fabien comes across as personable at first, but turns out to be a bit of a dick, Antoine is sort of the opposite. It would be easy to dismiss him as simply a violent thug, given that he was in jail and literally stabbed a guy to death last episode, but his interactions with Lewis show a very different side to him. He’s barely known his son – who’s constantly demeaning and distancing himself from him – more than a few days, and yet he has such an obvious fatherly love for him. The best example is Antoine repeating over and over that he’s retired, only to jump back into the fray when he sees Fabien torturing his son. Despite the context, it’s a pretty heart-warming moment seeing him abandon his principles for love.


Similarly, Lewis seems to go through a whole character arc in one episode. At the start of the episode he’s kicking his dad out of the car (which, given the circumstances, is completely understandable) and repeatedly telling him he wants nothing to do with him. By the end he’s facing death alongside him then having a pretty wild drinking session with him. When you take that and pair this development with his admission to Holly that maybe aliens aren’t so bad, and his disturbed reaction to Dominic’s mocking interview, and it looks like Lewis might just be tapping into that half-alien side of him that’s been lying dormant for so long. Not to mention the whole “Lewis literally made out with the glass Lilyhot had been drinking from” factor. That’s pretty damning evidence right there.

There seem to be two major plotlines here, and it’s going to be interesting to see if and when they begin to intersect. The primary plot focusses on Lilyhot and her efforts to take back Troy, even if it means manipulating everyone she comes across along the way. She really wants a blowout between Antoine and Fabien, no matter how it ends up happening. And why? Well, her intentions may not be so innocent as wanting to “save Troy” like she’s told Lewis. The puzzle pieces are starting to come together, and it’s looking more and more like what Lilyhot really wants is to keep all the ‘“spoils” from the war she’s trying to kick-start to herself, as Antoine’s already sussed out.


The second plotline is the “where” and “why” of the aliens themselves, especially now that Dominic has put himself in direct contact with the woman preaching her views on the streets of Troy. If the aliens didn’t crash-land in a spaceship, where did they come from? Are they really aliens in the way we normally mean aliens? It feels more and more like something’s being covered up here; that there’s some sort of conspiracy that’s going to be unravelled over the next few episodes. On top of that, the lady doing the street preaching seems to be all for making alien society a better one, but if the preview for next episode’s anything to go by, she really isn’t all that interested in alien-human cooperation. What exactly is her agenda here?


Speaking of the alien/human divide, it’s interesting to see new differences in the culture of the two races each week. Notably, clothing choices. A strangely large number of aliens walk around Troy sporting 90’s chic, specifically offensively neon bomber jackets. Even Fabien’s rocking one! Then there’s the almost haunting image of a group of aliens in sunglasses sat down watching a sunset on a giant projector that’s being streamed straight from Grand Theft Auto. It’s even creepier given that there isn’t really an explanation given as to why they’re so hypnotised by it. It’s fascinating world building that raises a lot of questions. Who’s to say whether there’ll be any answers?


Next week’s episode is going to be explosive – literally. We’re looking forward to it!

The Good:

  • Antoine is a fantastic addition. He fits in to the world of The Aliens flawlessly, and has great depth to his character that we hope we’re going to find out more about in episodes to come. Of everyone so far, he comes across as one of the most compelling.
  • Not to say the others aren’t impressing as well. Lewis feels like a really well-rounded character who’s facing his struggles head-on, even if it means changing his principles. Despite being dragged into this whole mess due to circumstances outside of his control, he’s managed to keep his heart in the right place. Lilyhot continues to be pretty mysterious and unreadable whilst exuding an aura of power, which is exactly how it should be. Dominic, although he gets kicked around a lot this episode, is still determined to be the best person (well, alien) he can be, and finally seems to be getting a proper character arc to boot!
  • Truss, with his complete hatred and derision of aliens, perfectly exemplifies “character you love to hate’” trope.
  • The look of the show (colour choices, directional choices, etc) continues to be stellar. It’s a really fun show to watch even just in terms of visuals.

The Bad:

  • Holly’s storyline still feels a little out of place. It’s coming together more this episode, now that she’s gone cold turkey and is starting to wonder if maybe the aliens aren’t so bad, but it doesn’t really fit in with either of the major plotlines. Maybe this will change as the series goes on, though.
  • Aside from Troy, we’re mostly shown Lewis’s house and border patrol. It’d be nice to have a more varied number of locations occasionally.

And the Random:

  • This week’s awesome music cue: “When The Levee Breaks” by Led Zeppelin.

Review by Jessica Anson


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