Batman V Superman Box Office Set To Plummet In Second Weekend

Having already made more in one week worldwide than Ant-Man, Thor, Wolverine and Captain America made in their entire runs, Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice can probably shrug off the news that pundits are predicting it will see a fall of 65%-70% at the North American box office.


That is a hefty fall though. That prediction is based on the fact that on its second Friday Batman V Superman took a mere $15.35 million – a drop of 81% compared to the previous Friday. Even if you exclude the Thursday night previews that were added into last Friday’s figures, the drop is 71.5%.

That’s one of the biggest drop offs ever for superhero film. Avengers: Age Of Ultron fell only 59% and Star Wars: The Force Awakens (though not a superhero film, it is comparable in terms of its blockbuster marketing) fell a mere 40%.

It seems that poor word of mouth, a middling CinemaScore of B and generally (though not universally) bad reviews have made an impact. Even the “audience score” on Rotten Tomatoes has been slowly dwindling over the week from 77% to 71%; usually an audience score of less than 75% on a site where fans can artificially inflate scores is considered a disappointment.

On the other hand, as Box Office Guru points out, Batman V Superman became the only film ever to gross over $150 million in North America in its first weekend with a CinemaScore below a B+. The film could just prove all the naysayers wrong again in its second weekend. It could even benefit from repeat viewing because some fans really loved the film and will happily go to see it again as a matter of course, while others are using repeat viewings as a two-fingered salute to critics.

Warners will be delighted with the global performance of Batman V Superman so far but surely must be hoping to avoid too much of a collapse because that wouldn’t be a good sign for the Justice League films being able to reproduce the same kind if initial box office bonanza. [via The Hollywood Reporter]


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