Now That’s What We Call A Captain America: Civil War Standee

Marvel Studios’ visual development supervisor/lead concept artist Andy Park has posted a pic on Instagram of a new Standee for Captain America: Civil War. “Saw this at work today,” he said in the accompanying message, making us all wish we worked in offices where things like this appear overnight. “Ant-Man’s in there too :)”

Can you spot Ant-Man? Think of it as an end-of-the-day challenge! Like Spot The Ball. Do people still so Spot The Ball? Hey, maybe there’s a Where’s Wally?-style activity book in the making here.

A photo posted by Andy Park (@andyparkart) on


Below is a version you can click on to enlarge to help you spot Ant-Man. It’s difficult because he’s so small so even of you spot what you think is him, you might not be sure, so click here to find out if you’re right


[via ComicBookResources]


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